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We’re ready to make your dreams come true.


R Lake Construction is our family’s legacy; let us work with you in building your legacy for your family.

Selecting a company to build your future home will be the most important decision you will make in the entire process of making your dream a reality.  In choosing R Lake Construction, a family-owned custom homebuilder with over twenty-five years of experience, you are deciding upon a team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience building in the unique Montana environment and landscape. When designing and constructing custom homes, the experience, vision and the personal touches we bring to our projects prove to be highly successful for our clients. Completing our clients’ vision goes far beyond simply following the plans written on blueprints; at every point of construction, custom home building requires a high degree of knowledge and attention to detail.

As a father-son firm, we understand the importance of family. R Lake Construction is grounded with Montana values of honesty, integrity, and accountability. We also understand the key elements in all successful, effective relationships are the ability to communicate well and listen to our clients. The close relationship created between the homebuilder and the client has been the key factor in the success of R Lake Construction in making custom home building a smooth and exciting process.

Ron Lake

At the young age of 14, Ron Lake’s passion for building started.  He was surrounded by builders.  Throughout his high school years he worked alongside his grandfather and great uncle taking notes and learning the craft.  Ron continued working in construction while raising his family.  In 1990 him and his family, wife Vicki and two sons, Jeremiah and Zech moved from San Diego, California to Ennis, Montana.  Ron began his Montana building career when he met Lee Poole and Joe Vujovich, owners of Moonlight Basin.  Along with their help, Mountain Top Construction was formed in 1994.  Ron was president of this company until 2008.  At this point, Ron and his son Zech put their efforts into building their own company: R Lake Construction.  Ron’s favorite times are spent on the sporting clay range and building furniture in his shop.

Satisfaction comes from making someones else’s vision become a reality.  Working together, alongside our clients, building their dream home is what keeps Ron searching for more.

Zech Lake

As a young child, Zech was immersed into building.  His father was always building something.  He didn’t know at the time, but would one day follow in his footsteps.  In 2003 he had the opportunity to join his father’s construction team at Moonlight Basin.  He worked his way up to become a project manager.  Later, in 2008 Zech and his father chose to create their own construction company, later named R Lake Construction.  In 2010, Zech met his future wife, Laci.  They married in 2012. His family now has two little girls, Elsie and Vail.  When he’s not working numbers or putting up walls he enjoys tossing a fly out of the drift boat, working on his handicap, and most importantly spending time with his girls.

Nothing is more gratifying to Zech than tossing a glance over his shoulder after a long day’s work and smiling at the progress that was made on the project.  That feeling will never get old.  He looks forward to many more successful years at R Lake Construction.